Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Product Recommendation: Lt. Blender's Frozen Cocktails in a Bag


      As I’ve already mentioned, I’m really “in” to last-minute time-savers. I’m also “in” to menu items that can add some fun to dinner parties. Here’s a product I recently discovered that meets both criteria:  Lt. Blender’s frozen cocktails in a bag.
      Two of my favorites are their Strawberry Daiquiri and Peach Bellini Wine Freezer varieties. The company makes drink mix bags for nine other cocktails too, including margaritas, mojitos, Sangria, Pina Coladas and Hurricanes. Each bag makes enough for 16 4-ounce servings.
      In the past, I have tried other drink mixes, but these are by far the best ones I’ve ever tasted. People often ask for my recipe when I serve these products. Even though these are powder-mixes, they’re all-natural, and don’t have the artificial taste that many other drink mixes have.
      What I really like about them is there’s no last-minute preparation involved. Usually when company is over, a mixed blender drink sounds good before the meal. But that’s when I’m usually doing last-minute meal prep. There’s not time to shave ice, fiddle with the blender, measure out ingredients, etc. But with these drink mixes, I don’t have to do any of that.
       Everything is done in advance, and it is so easy. You just fill the mix bags with alcohol the night before you want to serve them, and put the pouches in your freezer. When your guests arrive. you just need to get the drink pouches out of the freezer, open them and start serving. They are a wonderful time saver!
      If you’re looking for quick and easy fun addition at your next get-together, you might want to try a Lt. Blender’s mix for yourself. I highly recommend them!

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