Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Review: Whip It

We've got out-of-town company arriving in a few hours, and I've been busy baking and getting the house ready for their arrival. I just got done making--and decorating--a banana cream pie.

The recipe I use for the filling is the standard vanilla cream pie recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Pie Recipes cookbook (with 2-3 bananas sliced at the bottom of the baked pie shell). This is another recipe that people seem to really like. I like to “dress-up” my banana cream pie by piping whipped cream on it, and adding dried banana slices for an additional garnish. It just makes the pie look extra special.

As I was decorating this pie, I thought to myself what a great product Whip It is. I mentioned it in my last post about the Kahlua Cheesecake. I thought I would put in another plug for this product. One packet of Whip It (or Sahnesteif if you buy the German package) keeps a pint of whipped cream in its whipped, stiff form, without separating, for several days. Before I found this product, I used to be concerned that if I piped whipping cream on a cake or pie for garnish, and did so a day or more in advance (like I often do, being the advance-planner that I am), that it wouldn’t keep it shape. This product guarantees that your whipped-cream decorated cake will stay looking good, even if you make it several days in advance.

You can buy Whip It online at, and at specialty food and cooking stores like World Market.

Okay, I’ve got to get back to my kitchen. Just thought I’d write a quick post about this wonderful product.

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